1. Online Trading Services
  2. We, Yuanta Securities Vietnam Limited Company
    4th Floor, Saigon Centre, 65 Le Loi Blvd., Distict 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 28 3622 6868
    Fax: +84 28 3622 6868
    Email: online.cs@yuanta.com.vn
    Website: www.yuanta.com.vn
    Online Trading Support Center
    Hotline: (028) 3622 6868 – Press 1
    Fax: (84-4) 39152728
    Email: online.cs@yuanta.com.vn
    Our Services are licensed by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam on 22/04/2016 according to decision number 418/QĐ-UBCK to provide Securities Trading Service via Internet (E-trading system) for YSVN’s clients. YSVN enhances its E-trading system continuously to provide modern and convenient services for Client includes: YSVN Trader, Mobile
    YSVN Trader: Responsive website
    • The Client executes transactions via website without any software installation on their computers.
    • Flexible authentication method: PIN or OTP (One-time password)
    • Provided Services: Open account, Place orders, Cash advance, Money transfer, Price board, Margin account trading, Transaction Statement, etc.
    Mobile: Native Application Platform
    For mobile devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other Android smartphones and tablets)
    • Simple and easy operating
    • Customized watch list and advanced features such as assets and portfolio management
    • Convenience to trade anywhere, anytime
  3. Potential risks arise from Online Trading
  4. Although the Company is committed to doing its best to provide the best service and minimize risk, online transactions are still subject to potential risks arising from failure of hardware, software, transmission lines or services provided by third parties beyond the control of the Company and its Clients.
    The following risks may be encountered during performing online transaction:
    • Technical error arising from system hardware, software.
    • The risk of network outages due to transmission line congestion.
    • The computer is infected with virus and stops the exchange of information in the computer network. Trading orders place by client may be suspended, delayed, cancelled or inaccurate.
    • The verification of Client’s identity may perform inaccurate or unable to perform.
    • The stock prices and other stock information in Online Trading system may display inaccurate or get delayed transmission for objective reasons.
    • The news, business information posted on the Company's Website or on Online Trading systems are quoted from sources of exchange markets (HNX, HSX, UPCOM).
    • Other risks that the Company deems necessary to announce from time to time.
  5. Disclaimer
  6. YSVN is not responsible for any risks, losses or damages arising due to:
    • Delay or mistaken or inaccurate in providing information from client, which leads to the failure to use the Online Trading Service and / or perform transaction via Online Trading since detection of the problem is not more than 24 hours.
    • Errors / Failure of any third party, including its partners in providing the Online Trading Service.
    • The failure of the System or any related technical means to cause the System to refuse to perform Client's requests via Online Trading for any reason.
    • The Company delay or fail its obligation to execute Client’s request in accordance with terms and conditions of using Online Trading Service due to mechanical problems, data processing, information telecommunications, natural disasters or any other matter beyond the control of the Company or as a consequence of fraud or counterfeit of any third party.
    • Use / access to Online Trading Services information and / or perform Online Trading transaction by authorized person by Client’s consent.
    • The loss / misplaced / stolen / disclosure of your username, login password, transaction PIN, and / or other identifying factors provided by the Company’s Online Trading Services to client, which results in unauthorized use of these information by others to perform online transactions
  7. Support Services
  8. In the event of suspecting or discovering any unauthorized access using your password and/or executing transactions illegally, please contact Online Trading Support Center immediately. YSVN will block such activities and take necessary preventive and corrective actions.